Finding a specific type

of agreement in the SEC’s terabytes of filings can be a nightmare.

Other tools provide full-text searching that in many very long documents, makes your search string ends up appearing in the ‘wrong’ context.

Reviewing loads of documents to find mostly false positives is frustrating and time consuming. Contracts allows you to apply your search strings to specific clauses. This allows your searches to find those valuable needles in a haystack of agreements.

At IntangibleSpring, we understand your pain points

There are a number of searchable repositories of company agreements on the market. These tools typically provide users with the ability to quickly search through the full-text of a centralized library of indexed documents.

This is great, but nine times out of ten, you need to do more than this.

At IntaingibleSpring we are acutely aware of the importance of searching for keywords only within relevant clauses.

That is why we developed Contracts.

Contracts is a text mining search engine of company agreements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It can help you find the perfect ‘one in a million’ agreement.

We were determined to bring a superior offering to the market and, whether you are conducting legal research or detailed due diligence, our highly specialized service and tools will offer you the ultimate solution.

The process begins with the indexing, parsing, and scrutinizing close to one million agreements. We then layer Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools with smart interior search mechanisms.


Contracts helps you find what matters in a world of noise

You can build your search criteria and look for specific types of agreements that include a phrase within a set of clauses, and contain a particular type of payment, for example, ‘management agreements with a fee as a percentage of sales’.

Using our extended portfolio of tools, your search results will be stronger and more accurate than ever, enabling you to efficiently provide the most robust analysis available.

With Contracts you can:

– Search for specific types of agreements (e.g., consulting, investment, management, agency);

Explore the ‘payments’ search engine which allows searching for specific type of fees;
Conduct keyword searches in specific set of clauses, including the agreements’ title and preamble;
– Use a powerful Boolean full-text searching option.

Given that there are thousands of unique clauses and potential fees, from commissions to management fees, and from transaction fees to handling fees, it’s easy to see how a complex search can result in agreements that are not directly comparable.

Using our extended portfolio of tools, your search results will be stronger and more accurate than ever, enabling you to efficiently conduct the most robust analysis possible.


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