Benchmark: The solution for accurately benchmarking intangible assets

Benchmark’s databases are not about big data, but the right data. We create information by manually linking supporting documentation related to the life of an intangible: patent registrations, license agreements, 8Ks, press releases, and financial statements.  The storyline involves technical, legal, economic and market perspectives that can only be seen when assembling all the documentation available in the public domain that is directly related to a specific intangible.


Benchmark: Our in-depth solution for benchmarking intellectual property

Our Benchmark database of license agreements is supported by thousands of agreements filed with the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

Using a rigorous combination of text mining tools and manual review, we identify and process license agreements, omitting those agreements with redacted pricing data. This means you can be confident that the results will fully support your needs.


For every license agreement, we extract and normalize the pricing structure and licensing terms, then provide a summary description of the underlying intellectual property, so our clients can make reliable comparisons of license terms and royalty rates. Normalized and clean data dramatically helps Benchmark clients conduct efficient data analyses and obtain high-quality results without the need to spend time churning through noisy legal excerpts.

Our high-quality data means you can expect high-quality results and focus on in-depth analysis.

Context Matters

The text of license agreements is the foundation for analyzing intellectual property. However, lack of information typically results in misinterpretations, because without a proper context, the descriptions of the intangibles are often meaningless or potentially misleading. At IntangibleSpring, we utilize multiple data sources to provide a clear context for the IP you analyze.

In addition to license agreements, we collect and process additional supporting documents related to every intangible, such as 8-K announcements, press releases, and patent and trademark registrations. We also provide company financials and information related to the phase of development of pharmaceuticals. Additional data sources not only save your team time and money but complement the information in the agreements while providing a fuller context for the underlying transaction.


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